911 Carrera 3.2(1984-89)

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These 911s are some of the best ever produced. They consistently are complemented on how well they're built and drive. By 1984, the 911SC was gone, and the Cabriolet had been introduced one year earlier. The Carrera now carried a 3.2 Liter engine, producing 202 hp. This car was the first to have DME fuel and ignition. The brakes were upgraded with a bigger booster and larger rotors. The heating system was upgraded, too, with two extra blowers. An option for 1984 included the Turbo look body, which included turbo metal, brakes, and wheels.

In 1985, this option could be used on Coupes, Targas, or Cabriolets, and with or without the whaletail or front spoilers. So pretty much any combination could be had in 1985. Occasionally, Porsche would make a 911 Slant-Nose, which looked like the racing 935. These were made up through the late 80's. Porsche also changed the oil cooler in 1985 to a finned, radiator type cooler. To provide the extra air needed, the opening in the bumper was enlarged.

1986 Carrera Coupe

In 1986, not much changed, the Cabriolet offered an electric top. Boge double tube, low pressure gas shocks were standard equipment. The sway bars and rear torsion bars were increased in size. A completely new transmission was applied in 1987, type G 50. The clutch was enlarged to cope with the larger engine. Hydraulic master and slave cylinders now activated the clutch. Power was at 217 horses. 1988 didn't bring much change either. A support brace was added between the transmission and the left heat exchanger to reduce the noise of the G 50 transmission.

Also in 1988, a special edition 911 Carrera Clubsport was offered, as well as a limited number of Anniversary Carreras. 1989 brought about the last year for the classic 911, as the Carrera 4 was already out, and an all new 911 Carrera 2 was being readied for 1990.

late 89 Carrera Targa

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