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Dark Blue
Code: L347

Howard Barker
Carrera 4 Coupe

Code: L999

Andy Roe
91 C2 Coupe

Guards Red
Code: L80K

Craig Bramley
1990 C4 Coupe

Polar Silver

Jeff Forsyth
92 Coupe

Amazon Green
Code: L39A

Chris Martin
1992 C2 Coupe

Satin Black
Code: L729

Andy Glastonbury
1990 C2 Coupe

Code: 38A

Suwedh Sundarakul
91 C2 Coupe

Horizon Blue

Richard Curtis
93 C2 Coupe

Amazon Green
Code: L37Z

Brian Hoffman
91 C2 Coupe

Code: 700 / 719

Mark Linott
1994 C4 Turbo look

Midnight Blue

Kris De Roo
93 C4 Coupe

Cobalt Blue
Code: 37M

92 C4 Coupe

Oak Green

91 C2 Coupe

Slate Grey
Code: 22D

Vince Pavliek
90 C2 Coupe

Linen Grey
Code: L550

Dave Bauman
1990 C2 Coupe

Polar Silver

Graham Linney
1990 C4 Coupe

Grand Prix White
Code: 908

Brian Hensarling
C2 Coupe

Forest Green
Code: L22E

Roel Vos
93 C2 Coupe