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My 1990 Porsche 911 Carrera C2 Targa, better known as the "964 series" of 911.

Purchased by me in September 2002, the car started off as a fully standard 911 C2.

Since that time the list of upgrades and repairs has steadilly grown, but I guess all the time getting me closer to my idea of the perfect 964.

The shopping list so far for upgrades has included....

Cat Bypass with retained O2 sensor
Primary Exhaust "cup" Bypass
Open face Carbon Fibre Inlet
Aluminium Strut Brace
K&N Air filter
RS Steering Wheel
Front White lens Kit ( only cosmetic)
17" Cup 1 Alloys

Ninemeister Lightened RS Flywheel and Clutch

Complete RS lightweight single-mass flywheel and clutch conversion package to replace the
heavy and unreliable dual-mass set up, reduce the rotational inertia of the crankshaft assembly
and provide lightning engine response & acceleration.

The Clutch and flywheel kit was supplied by 9m, but was fitted along with new fork,
slave cylinder etc by Gantspeed Engineering in Lincolnshire.

RUF remapped DME chip

in July / August 2004....

a full engine rebuild and remap at Ninemeister.

The Engine Rebuild step by step.... or click here to see an album covering more photos from the rebuild

One very grubby looking 3.6 engine.

Some rather worn Oil return pipes in need of replacing

And a cylinder head in need of some cleaning ( well a tonne of cleaning actually).

Next Step - Worn Camshafts, its very subtle, but its a critical part of the engine, on the picture below you can see the pitting on the cam lobe. So its two new Camshafts for the engine, to make sure everything is as good as new with a bit more oomph.

All the engine parts now get cleaned ( cam carriers, Rockers etc), the engine has new valves and exhaust valve guides fitted and the heads are machined ready for refitting.

Heads back after machining, re-surfacing and preparation.

Heads re-assembled onto engine ready for Cams and final fitting. Right hand side is ready for cam timing and addition of rockers.

Completed Engine back in the car.

Car being completed in the workshop

As a nice finishing touch, the fan was prepared in the 9m Paintshop in a nice bright Yellow.

Finished engine ( with Fan) back in the car.

After completion, the car has 200 miles put on it and then went on the dyno to be mapped, the final result, allowing for atmospherics at the time was a healthy 285 bhp, well up on the standard 250 bhp the engine generated on day one of its life.

Well the Car was already at Ninemeister and the rebuild was almost finished, so I took the opportunity install a New
H & R Handling kit, comprising of new Shocks and Springs all round and lowering the car overall by approx 30mm.

Again the full upgrade and subsequent computer alignment was handled by the team at Ninemesiter.